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The lock industry is ever-evolving, and recently, high-security locks have taken over. With the use of high-security locks, thieves have a much more difficult time getting into residential or commercial buildings. Whether you are thinking about installing new locks or replacing your old ones with high-security models, you should consult a professional locksmith. Blue Star Locksmith Services is professional, experienced, and very knowledgeable in high-security locks and we’re willing and eager to help with any of your security or locksmith concerns and questions.
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High-Security Locks brings several benefits to the owners of buildings. With high-security locks, it becomes much more difficult for thieves to break into buildings or vehicles. Thieves need tools, knowledge, and time to achieve this kind of access. High-security locks make it harder for thieves to get into buildings because they have to carry out much higher damage to get keys or other entry devices working again.

Let’s look at some of the types of security mechanisms used in high-security locks. These locks come in a variety of types and models. There are mechanical keys, digital or electric keypad keys, magnetic keypads, and biometric fingerprint or retina scanning systems.

A high-security lock can have biometric fingers or fingerprints that unlock the lock with one touch of a finger to it. The most popular example is these types of biometric locks that are used for cars, buildings, and doors at airports. They provide the user with an identification code via fingerprint identification. Biometric systems can also be used to open access to computers, laptops, and desktops without a passcode entry. The user simply has to touch the print to the scanner and a passcode is generated that unlocks the computer or allows someone access.

A digital keypad is another high-security feature that can be used on doors, windows, cars, and buildings. The most popular electronic key is found in many sports utility vehicles. It’s used for access to the vehicle without having to use a traditional key, remote entry, or even a combination code. The access can come by swiping an RFID card or using a fingerprint identification system. The advanced technology of these high-security features makes it difficult for thieves to break into buildings and homes.

A magnetic keypad works in a very similar fashion, but the information is inputted into a computerized system. The computer scans the finger and unlocks the door, building, or vehicle. When using this type of high-security locking system it is crucial that the magnetic keypad be installed in an area that can be easily accessed by others. Using Blue Star Locksmith Services’ professional services to install, repair, or troubleshoot high-security locks makes excellent sense for a security measures assessment to consider the safety levels.

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High-security locks can be a great addition to any door of your car, office building, or house. It may cost more upfront, but the added security and locking features are worth it for you and your belongings. Since security is a major concern for most people you should consider hiring the professionals at Blue Star Locksmith Services as your best choice for adding or upgrading high-security locks. Blue Star Locksmith provides professional and reliable security services to homes and businesses throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Our goal is to make your life at home or business easier with our service.

When you’re trying to decide what high-security features you need for your building, contact us for a consultation and estimate.

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